1-Take a sneak peak at the Bazaar’s Location.

This will help you know the products, methods of displaying them and prices so you get to have a full vision of the place you want to book, suitable prices and customers’ needs.

2- Create your own vision for your space at the bazaar.

It is a good idea to have an organized space for putting the table and the displayed items. Remember that customers should walk easily from one place to the other and let your interesting space be easily spotted.

3- Ooze your charisma!

Be friendly. Attract and influence customers by smiling at them so they enjoy standing at your corner.  There’s no doubt that a seller who is friendly  greatly increases his/her sales potential.

4- Know your product.

Customers may raise questions about your products; you have to know their qualities and uses.

5- Promote your products.

Focus on creating a sales pitch that convinces customers why they need to buy your products.

6-Leave price quotation till the end.

Use a customer’s questions such as “how much is it?” to your advantage by asking the customer if he/she would like to hear  your special offer before discussing the price. This will allow you as the seller to justify your price in case of price negotiating.  Customers like to negotiate so you must be prepared.  It is said that special offers and reasonable prices are the reason behind successful bazaars.  Therefore,

quote your products in a way that is attractive to your potential customers.

7-Create a professional business card.

Selling at bazaars offers a great opportunity for you to meet potential customers and importers; therefore, design a business card that gets noticed.

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