Sellers’ Lounge:

Why not selling your USED unwanted belongings? Book your pitch at the Car Boot Bazaar now and turn your USED belongings into cash!
Sellers will typically pay a small fee  50ِAED for Thursday & 100AED for Friday  for their pitch and arrive with their goods in the boot of their car. Usually the items are then unpacked onto folding trestle tables, a blanket or tarpaulin, or the ground. Entry to the general public is free, however. Packaging sacks will be distributed free of charge to sellers by the event organizers. Those sacks are stamped with the official logo of the event. Sellers are kindly encouraged to use specifically those sacks when wrapping their sold items.

Why Visit a Car Boot Bazaar?

Car boot bazaars are proven to be beneficial for society since the rotation of surplus household stock as essential as it prevents waste and disposal costs also produces a small community where thriftiness and entrepreneurship flourish.

But it’s not all about shopping. There is a children’s entertainment area that offers soft play area as well as food and drink stands. So, that’s the kids sorted, too.

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